Discover our award-winning 3D printers. The European built CraftBot´s are the best value for money on the market. Check out our printing engines in different situations from easy prototyping, short run production to educational environments. There is a maker movement out there and with our 3D printer and slicer software combo you are all set to join it! Ready?

CraftBot Plus

The Craft bot plus is our multi award winning 3D printer. It’s the complete package. All you need to do is just load your model into CraftWare, slice and print. The CraftBot Plus sets the industrial standard for easy to use plug and play quality and performance. Its simply unbeatable at this price range. No assembly required: CraftBot works right out of the box and its by far the best value for money.

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CraftBots for education and schools

3D printing in schools opens new horizons and new ways of education. The expansion of printing a few hundred years ago changed education fundamentally. Now we have 3D printing to inspire the young minds. Our easy to use plug and play machines paired with our educational training and thematic packages are an unbeatable package for schools who want to take advantage of the possibilities of modern technology. Our education packages are machines fitted with lockable plexiglass door and a dome cover equipped with HEPA filter & activated carbon filter which implies more safety for the kids. Let your creativity take shape to inspire the next generation.

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CraftBot XL

The CraftBot XL is upgraded model for engineers and all makers who can benefit from an outstanding build volume of 300x200x440 mm at 50 micron/layer resolution meaning better quality and fewer joints. We connected a Wi-Fi module, enlarged the build plate, increased its heating capacity and improved bearings to achieve a more silent and more precise operation.

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CraftBot 3

CraftBot3 is the first 3d printer with two separated printheads and a revolutionary filament monitoring system. The two separated full metal print heads make it possible to print two objects at a time in duplicate or mirror modes, as well as using different materials for supports that dissolve in water. The filament monitoring system (FMS) of the new CraftBot3 supervises filament consumption, starts immediate troubleshooting when a filament jam is detected and emails the user in case there's a need for intervention. This system is the eye and soul of the printer, this is what makes CraftBot3 a truly efficient partner.

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CraftWare slicer

CraftWare is a FREE, fast, easy-to-use slicer software that converts your digital 3D object into a gcode format understood by most 3D printers. You can interactively manage your prints, thus reducing build time and finding the optimal build supports. CraftWare also utilizes the most impressive gcode visualizer on the market; this allows you to see each print layer-by-layer, from any angle, easily allowing you to detect any places that you may want to modify before printing. It is basically like seeing a finished print in front of you before you press the start button.

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